Curious about what a typical day at WorkBistro looks like? From sunup to sundown, this is the place to think, dream, and do your best. Take a look below at what a typical day could look like for you once you embrace the WorkBistro revolution.

7:00am: Wake up and get ready for the day. Meditate, shower, get dressed, pet the dog and enjoy a cup of coffee and a quick bite before heading out the door.

8:00am: Arrive at WorkBistro for Rise and Shine Yoga. Lay out my mat and find a way to stretch out all of the cobwebs from last night's sleep. 

9:00am: Start working. I grab my desk and dive into my work. Typically, I start with emails and then dive into the heavy stuff. The quiet charm of WorkBistro and comfy chairs make it easy to get into the zone. Sometimes, I enjoy a cup of coffee on the sofa with another coworker. 

12:00pm: Lunch break. I usually take lunch at Strawberry Creek Park around the corner from WorkBistro and sometimes will bring a friend along or stop at home to let the dog out. There's also a ton of restaurants nearby to choose from and a nice communal seating area at WorkBistro if I wanted to stay local.

1:00pm: Back to work. After lunch, I typically get back into my workday with another round of email checking before some afternoon heads down work.

3:00pm: Meeting with a client. I hop into one of WorkBistro's state-of-the-art phone booths to take a video call withe a client. They make it easy to have productive conversations with clients.

5:00pm: Happy hour. As the workday comes to a close, I join other coworkers for a happy hour in the communal area. WorkBistro provides drinks and snacks on Fridays, creating a fun and social atmosphere for our community.

7:00pm: Concert at WorkBistro. On the second and fourth Friday of every month, WorkBistro hosts concerts with local acts. As a member, I always get a free ticket and I love checking out the new lineup and discovering new talents. WorkBistro also partners with local restaurants and bars to bring in some nice refreshments for the event for everyone to enjoy.

10:00pm: End of the day. After a long day of work and play, I head home, feeling productive and fulfilled. 

A day at WorkBistro is full of productivity, social connection, and fun. Whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a team, our coworking space provides the resources and community you need to succeed.