While you can technically work from both a coworking space or a coffee shops, should you? There are some key differences between the two that can make or break your experience. Read below to find out more:

  1. Purpose: Coworking spaces are specifically designed for people who need a productive work environment outside of their home or traditional office. They typically have amenities and resources like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and incredible office furniture, all geared towards making it easy to work effectively. Coffee shops, on the other hand, are primarily meant to serve customers looking for food, drinks, and a comfortable place to socialize. Yes, sometimes there is wifi and you can work from there, but that doesn't mean that everyone else is there for the same reason. 

  2. Atmosphere: Coworking spaces tend to have a more professional and focused atmosphere than coffee shops. While people are generally friendly and sociable, there is an expectation that people are there to work, and that the noise level will be kept to a minimum. Coffee shops, on the other hand, can be noisy and chaotic, with a lot of chatter, music, and other distractions. Think about sitting down to be productive and having the screeching of an espresso machine come up every time you're about to start writing the next....(sorry, loud espresso machine)...sentence.

  3. Community: Coworking spaces are built around the idea of fostering a sense of community among members. People who use these spaces are often looking to connect with like-minded individuals and to network. Coffee shops, while they can be social places, don't necessarily foster the same kind of community feeling. You may see "regulars", but do you ever really talk to them? 

  4. Cost: Coworking spaces usually charge a fee for membership or access to their facilities, while coffee shops are generally free to use (as long as you buy something to eat or drink). Let's be real though, is it really fair that you bought a $6 latte 4 hours ago and are still sitting there? Coworking spaces offer additional amenities and services that justify the cost, but may not be necessary for everyone.

Coworking spaces offer a dedicated, professional, and collaborative work environment with access to amenities and resources that are specifically geared towards productivity. Coffee shops, on the other hand, offer a casual, comfortable, and free environment that can be useful for quick work sessions or informal meetings. Choose wisely when you're sitting down to work!